Subject Re: IBOConsole from XP to Windows Vista
Author Adam
> Is there any experience connecting IBOConsole from WindowsXP computer
> to a server in Windows Vista ?
> I did a ping from XP box to Vista box and the computer pings but
> apparently IBOCOnsole is not working.
> Any advice?


1. Don't hijack threads. Start a new post rather than replying to
another message. It puts your message in a reply below other messages.
If people have flagged "[firebird-support] Classic Server database
file ownership" as uninteresting, they will not even see your question.

2. Ping is only one of the basics. It just proves that the VistaPC is
visible to the XP client. It tells you nothing about whether Firebird
is installed, running or if there is a firewall causing you grief.

On the Vista machine, confirm that Firebird is installed and the
service is running. You should see either fbserver.exe or
fb_inet_server.exe in task manager.

Confirm that the Vista Firewall has an exception to either allow this
program or port 3050 (the main port used for communication).

On the XP Client machine, open a dos box and type

telnet [VistaPC] 3050

If you are greeted with a blank screen, all is good, check your
IBOConsole settings. Otherwise, the error message should point you in
the right location.