Subject Re: [firebird-support] Classic Server database file ownership
Author Milan Babuskov
Aldo Caruso wrote:
> The only way I found to avoid it is to change manually the *.fdb
> ownership to firebird:firebird and REBOOT the sever (?)

No need to reboot. Perhaps Debian version of FB has some problems, but
even then I assure you that rebooting Linux only has to be done when
changing hardware or kernel.

> Why does gbak create files belonging to root instead of firebird user ?

You should run gbak like this:

gbak localhost:/path/to/db -user sysdba -pass *****

instead of:

gbak /path/to/db

> Why should I have to reboot in order to make take efect and ownership
> change ?

When you kill all the server processes run 'fuser' command on database
file and see if lists something using it. If not, than you should be
able to connect without rebooting.

Milan Babuskov