Subject Re: [firebird-support] can I copy database file from Windows 32bit to Linux 32bit as is? And from OSX for x86? And from OSX for PPC?
Author Ann W. Harrison
David Wishnie wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to know whether .fdb files are CPU endianess independant.

No, they're nto.

> I.e. can I safely copy .fdb file from 32Bit Windows to 32bit linux (both
> running on x86)?

Yes you can, assuming you shut down the server first. Copies of a
live database are very likely to be corrupt.
> Can I copy from MacOSX (for x86) to 32bit linux?

Untested (by me) but will probably word as the alignment and endianness
are the same.
> Can I copy from MacOSX (for PPC) to 32bit linux (x86)?

> All such copying can be done for mysql and sqlite databases (but not for
> postgresql). What about Firebird?

Right. We trade efficiency on the native platform of a database for
the ability to copy it elsewhere.