Subject Re: [firebird-support] Out of subject: mailing list
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hi Helen!

I just wanted to confirm the observations. Two days ago, I answered a
question about index expression (through sending a normal email to this
list), and got about 20 varying error messages in different languages
back. They varied from 'your message looks like a spam', through 'Too
many retries - giving up' and 'User is inactive' to the Polish '550 Brak
rekordu SPF/MX nadawcy lub brak poprawnej autoryzacji SMTP! [RCPT_TO]' -
I didn't even bother to ask my wife what that meant. I've continued to
receive error messages - even today - but all of them are regarding this
one email that I sent about index compression. I've had no such problems
with mails I've sent before or after and I cannot see that message
differs in any way from the messages I normally send.

This has definitely something to do with yahoogroups, but it may have
been something that was wrong only for a short moment.


Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 10:46 AM 28/02/2007, you wrote:
>> since few days, each time i post a new message, i receive a lot of MAIL
>> DAEMON FAILURE saying my message cannot be forwarded to some adresses
>> (about 20)
>> I'm sure those messages should not return to me but, at least, to the
>> list administrator
> You seem to be referring to the Sourceforge lists, some of which
> might need a tweak in configuration. Contact me privately with a
> specific example and I can look into it.
> You should not be getting this kind of response from the Yahoo groups
> lists, since they run on Windows hosting, which doesn't do daemons. :-)
> So - if you are getting this kind of message in relation to Yahoo
> lists, it will be coming from our mirror newsgroup server. It
> usually indicates that you have tried to post a list message from a
> news client while not being a subscribed member of that list.
>> Am i alone in this case?
>> Is it the result of a misconfiguration of the mailing list?
>> Is there a way to inform an administrator about that?
> The proper way, of course, is to contact the list administrator from
> the link in the message header. In future, please do that, to avoid
> having your individual mailer problems intruding on others' genuine
> technical issues.
> ^heLen