Subject creating roles as no-SYSDBA-owner of a DB
Author Björn Reimer
I have many DBs where not SYSDBA is owner if the DB but another valid

On Firebird 2.0 (LI-V6.3.0.12748) I'm getting the following strange messages:

The next statement causes the following error:

This operation is not defined for system tables.
unsuccessful metadata update.
user name RRZE could not be used for SQL role.

Or for


Execute time: 00:00:00.
Prepare time: 00:00:00.
Plan not available.

*** IBPP::SQLException ***
Context: Statement::Execute( CREATE ROLE INVMASTER )
Message: isc_dsql_execute2 failed

SQL Message : -607
This operation is not defined for system tables.

Engine Code : 335544351
Engine Message :
unsuccessful metadata update
user name INVMASTER could not be used for SQL role

Execute time: 00:00:01.

But: There is no User INVMASTER!
although there are privileges for the role INVMASTER which was not
sucessfully created.

Tried with FlameRobin and IBExpert.

What's wrong?


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