Subject Re: Considering upgrading to Firebird Embedded v2.0
Author atlioddsson
Thanks Helen for the quick response!

> With either version you always need to ensure the Microsoft C and C++
> runtimes were present. Whether you need to ship them or not depends
> on what is on the machine you are deploying them to.

I actually didn't know that, but that hasn't been a problem in the
past (most machines seem to have it).

> If you need the Fb 2 international language support then you probably
> do need to deploy the icu* libraries as you could be fairly certain
> they would otherwise be missing. That's where the extra weight
comes in...

aha, those were the files I was talking about (icu*). Is it somehow
possible to exclude these files since FB 1.5 is currently fulfilling
my functional requirements as is?