Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Considering upgrading to Firebird Embedded v2.0
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:54 AM 24/02/2007, you wrote:
> > If you need the Fb 2 international language support then you probably
> > do need to deploy the icu* libraries as you could be fairly certain
> > they would otherwise be missing. That's where the extra weight
>comes in...
>aha, those were the files I was talking about (icu*). Is it somehow
>possible to exclude these files since FB 1.5 is currently fulfilling
>my functional requirements as is?

Hmm, from testing, no, it looks as though you can't - if they are
missing it comes up with an error "ISC ERROR CODE:335544721 ISC ERROR
MESSAGE:Unable to complete network request to host "shorty".
Failed to establish a connection.
The system could not find the environment
option that was entered."

That's even though I was connecting to the employee database, which
is still character set NONE, i.e. not a Unicode db.

If you add them to the path, the error goes away.

Don't give up: post another message with ICU as the first word in
the subject. With luck, Adriano dos S.F., who implemented it, may
give you some tip for starting up without ICU support. I might even
find the answer myself, as I'm currently scouring through archives
myself, trying to find answers to such things as embroidery for the
TFB Firebird 2.0 supplement.