Subject Grant privleges - HELP
Author brcr11
I have Firebird 1.5 and it seems to have been fine for the past year
but something has happened to privleges that has me stumped.
Using the Firebird ISQL tool that came with Firebird I revoked ALL
privledges for a user to all tables in my DB and confirmed it had
worked by looking at the privledges in IBEasy. It showed NO privleges
for the user for all tables in the DB. I log onto the DB with IBEasy as
the revoked user and it won't allow me to update a record but I can add
and delete records. I thought perhaps it was IBEasy but using the ISQL
tool I was able to connect as the user with NO privleges and delete
records. This is a real killer since my application relies on the
privleges to keep specific users from deleting from the DB. I'm pretty
sure this worked in the past but in playing with the DB I've messed up
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob Ritter