Subject Re: FBv1.53 customer moved to Win2003 server = big slowdown - SORTED
Author tickerboo2002
Um, I'm almost embarrassed to come back on here and report that it has
been fixed.

I used GoToMyPC to get to one of their client PCs and then Remote
Desktop onto their server to watch Task Manager when they were
hammering the database. There was barely a flicker and fbserver never
went above 10% CPU usage.

Back on the client PC they demonstrated how slow it was: very slow,
whilst back on the server there was still barely a flicker. It was
then I noticed that instead of pulling in 7 days worth of calls into a
ListView control, they were pulling all calls, 23,000 of them! The
ListView struggled somewhat to add them and then to sort them. I
changed it to 7 days and made a note to change the code to limit it to
a maximum number of calls.

If only they'd said "yeah, it's really slow when we pull down 23,000

Sorry folks, the fact they'd moved to a new server the day before
skewed my thinking. Thanks for all your assistance, I now have plenty
of knowledge should I encounter a true Win2003 server problem.