Subject Re: fbserver permission requirements
Author p_b_turner
a bit more investigation....

if i break the application into 2 pieces it works fine using a non-
priv'ed account. that is, Piece A checks for and starts the fbserver
application, then exits (leaving fbserver running). Piece B checks
for fbserver (which is now running) and then issues gbak commands
(which run correctly). it appears that there is some "issue" with
the gbak commands and the fbserver app - only when the account is non-

remember, the complete application (checking, starting, backing up,
and stopping) works fine when the user is a member of the local
Administrators group.

as this is part of a commercial product, we'd rather not have to have
part of the product needing local Admin rights to run. also, need
fbserver to be an application, not a service.

any thoughts, comments, suggestions....


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<PeterTurner@...> wrote:
> working on setting up an unattended backup program on WIndows XP -
> about there. in our configuration, we run the fbserver as an
> application as part of the fbguardian/fbserver launch at user
> yes, i realize that we could run this as a service, but can't
> of other configurations. my program checks for the presence of the
> fbserver application. if it detects it (meaning that someone is
> in), then it simply runs gbak. if it doesn't detect it, it starts
> fbserver with the -a argument, runs the gbak backups, then stops
> fbserver. the program is setup to run as a "specific user"
> and password - yes, password is correct). the whole scenario
> in, out, etc) works fine if the user is in the Administrators
> but no other group (Users, Power Users, backup operators).
> the user from "Administrators" to "User" results in the fbserver
> not running.
> with the user set to the Administrators group, i can see fbserver
> start, gbak run, and fbserver go away (as it should) using Task
> Manager. setting the user to the User group, i don't see fbserver
> but i DO see the gbak backups run and then timeout (in task
> does anyone know what specific account policies/permissions are
> required for fbserver to run? i have disabled WIndows firewall on
> PC, so it's not getting blocked there. also, set permissions on
> directory path for the user.
> thanks in advance,
> Pete Turner