Subject fbserver permission requirements
Author p_b_turner
working on setting up an unattended backup program on WIndows XP - just
about there. in our configuration, we run the fbserver as an
application as part of the fbguardian/fbserver launch at user login.
yes, i realize that we could run this as a service, but can't because
of other configurations. my program checks for the presence of the
fbserver application. if it detects it (meaning that someone is logged
in), then it simply runs gbak. if it doesn't detect it, it starts
fbserver with the -a argument, runs the gbak backups, then stops the
fbserver. the program is setup to run as a "specific user" (username
and password - yes, password is correct). the whole scenario (logged
in, out, etc) works fine if the user is in the Administrators group,
but no other group (Users, Power Users, backup operators). changing
the user from "Administrators" to "User" results in the fbserver app
not running.

with the user set to the Administrators group, i can see fbserver
start, gbak run, and fbserver go away (as it should) using Task
Manager. setting the user to the User group, i don't see fbserver run,
but i DO see the gbak backups run and then timeout (in task manager).

does anyone know what specific account policies/permissions are
required for fbserver to run? i have disabled WIndows firewall on the
PC, so it's not getting blocked there. also, set permissions on the
directory path for the user.

thanks in advance,

Pete Turner