Subject Re: [firebird-support] SURVIVING SERVER DOWNTIME
Author Bogusław Brandys
James N Hitz wrote:
> Hello
> I read somewhere that a good client/server application (say in a
> supermarket) should be able to survive both a server downtime as well as
> a client downtime - implying; that is if I got it correctly; that the
> client application (in a retail store for example) should allow the user
> to continue selling even if the server should happen to go down.
> Somebody please shed some light here. How would I survive a server
> downtime if my data (like prices, stock levels etc) are stored in a
> Firebird database at the server?

You can't if you rely purely on client/server model, but if you have for
example cashregisters in supermarket you could read all data from them
and store in local cache.Later you save it in RDBMS when server is up
and running.
Other method is to use full replication.