Subject Re: fb 2.0 to fb 1.5.4
Author vinsensius_eddy
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 09:21 PM 10/02/2007, you wrote:
> >hi.. we are trying to move back our production database from fb
2.0 to
> >fb 1.5.4, pls help is it possible to this ?
> If you have not used any new Firebird 2.0 features in the database
> then yes. Otherwise, no, the data itself is potentially
> and stored procedures and triggers using new features won't work.
> But, assuming it has been kept compatible, yes, you can. Here's
> 1. In the root/bin directory of your Firebird 2.0 installation,
> rename gbak (or gbak.exe) to some other name.
> 2. Copy the gbak (or gbak.exe) from Firebird 1.5.x into the
> directory of your Firebird 2.0 installation.
> 3. Make sure the Firebird 2.0 server is running and make a
> -transportable backup as usual, using the v.1.5 gbak executable.
> Now you should have a gbak backup that you can restore under a
v.1.5.x server.
> (Don't forget to reinstate the proper gbak executable if you are
> going to keep your Fb 2.0 installation on board.)
> ./heLen

hi.. many thanks for the reply.. sorry for more question to ask:
recently, we've moved our production database from fb 1.5.0 to fb
2.0.0 "final release" version, haven't got a chance to use any fb
2.0 new feature, but after fb 2.0.1 came out, we saw many bug fixes
and the fb 2.0.1 version is "release candidate 1", pls in your
opinion what version should we use for our production database with
stability consideration: fb 1.5.4 or fb 2.0.1 ? thanks.. eddy from