Subject Re: fb 2.0 to fb 1.5.4
Author Adam
> hi.. many thanks for the reply.. sorry for more question to ask:
> recently, we've moved our production database from fb 1.5.0 to fb
> 2.0.0 "final release" version, haven't got a chance to use any fb
> 2.0 new feature, but after fb 2.0.1 came out, we saw many bug fixes
> and the fb 2.0.1 version is "release candidate 1", pls in your
> opinion what version should we use for our production database with
> stability consideration:

You do realise there are many bugs in 1.5.x that were solved in 2.0?
The most serious were backported to 1.5.4, but there are also others
that were not worthwhile or not possible to backport. 2.0.1 is
'release candidate', not yet suitable for production. So pick between
1.5.4 and 2.0 depending on which 'known issues' are a higher risk for you.