Subject Restore Procedure recommendations
Author Alan McDonald
I recently restored a client's database on my dev server. Actually I always
restore 2 copies, one for further work, and one as the intended future
target of metadata upgrade.
Anyway, this time - and it's the first time I've ever struck this - the
restore failed to restore several domains completely, i.e.
1. a PKID domain did not restore with the not null flag.
2. several domains did not restore with their check constraints.
My first response on doing a metadata comparison was one of panic. What has
happened to the database in production such that these changes have been
Several hours later after much investigation, several more restores from the
same backup, analysis of previous development copies, I have concluded that
this one mysterious restore process was at fault. There were no errors
thrown during restore, nor was there any errors during my initial operation
of the client application over the database. I would normally not have
discovered this anomoly until I went to update the client's database with a
metadata update made from the comparison now run immediately after a
I highly recommend that everyone carry out this procedure immediately after
restore, i.e. do a metadata comparison against the last source of the
I've never struck this before but it's quite disturbing.
Alan McDonald