Subject Re: [firebird-support] 1.5.3 on linux amd64
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
I should not have stop getting list emails :) Just couldn't handle the
volume. Will find a way to deal.

This has some question of 32bit <-> 64bit

I forgot in all this that my laptop is amd64. For the record my
development Firebird server is x86. I have Firebird on my amd64 laptop,
x86 dev server, and amd64 production server. Not to mention client's x86
servers, and single amd64 server.

I have not had any problems with working 64bit Flamerobin with a 32bit
Firebird server on the other end. Nor a 32bit say IBAccess (I know ew)
on 64bit system connecting to either a 32bit or 64bit Firebird server. I
have done backups/restores from amd64 <-> x86. Backups are done nightly
that way on both my production systems and clients.

All systems run Gentoo, and all versions of Firebird have been compiled
from source on each machine, for it's given arch (diff cflags, i586,
i686, p4, etc.).

No problems, no data corruption, nothing but rock solid reliability. I
have come to depend on. Whether running binaries or compiling from
source. It's why I am a Fb fanatic, and very bias :)

William L. Thomson Jr.

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