Subject Another Parameters Question
Author martinthrelly
hello there

this question is related to using the .NET driver. but it is also
related to Firebird. I posted this question originally on the .NET
driver forum. but was asked to post on the fb-support list instead.
so here i am hoping i can get an answer.

in sql server 2000 i can do an SP like this

@Val 1 int,
@Val 2 int,
@CountVal int OUTPUT

this is good for paging as it means i can return a results set and
(optionally) return a row count. i am trying to do this with Firebird
1.5 SP
but i think it may not be possible. i can return the results set of
but how to return count as well as a single output parameter? this
wont work:

returns (
Val 1integer,
Val 2 integer,
CountVal int OUTPUT

is this possuble in firebird 1.5?