Subject Parameters Question
Author martinthrelly
hello there

this question is related to using the .NET driver. but it is also
related to Firebird. I posted this question originally on the .NET
driver forum. but was asked to post on the fb-support list instead. so
here i am hoping i can get an answer.

i am hitting an SP which contains 20 return parameters. for this
routine i only need to return data from 3 of the 20 return parameters.
i can
achieve this by manually constructing an sql like this: "SELECT ColumnA,
ColumnB, ColumnC FROM sp_1(?)".

however i would much prefer to use the FbParameter objects instead. yet
I use CommandType.StoredProcedure and only declare the 3 output
that I want, the SP still returns a dataTable containing all 20 columns.

in Firebird 1.5 how is it possible for me to only return certain columns
from the SP using parameter objects and not a dynamic SQL?