Subject Re: [firebird-support] looking for a Firebird backup scheduler
Author Alex Gilev

Did you try xStarter FBIB?

It can do
- Backup/Restore via Firebird/Interbase API
- Archive backup files and e.g. add current date in filename to don't
overwrite previous files
- Delete old files and keep only files what is not very old (e.g. keep
all files created by this week) or created at specified month day.

If you have any additional questions regarding this - you can contact me

With best regards,
Alex Gilev,

unclejung wrote:
> I have been downloading and testing back up schedulers and so far I
> haven't found what I am looking for. Perhaps you could help.
> I am looking for a program that runs on Win2K with a "smart" rotation
> scheme. I would like to keep:
> - 1 file for every day of the current week
> - 1 file for every week of the current month
> - 1 file for every month of the current year