Subject looking for a Firebird backup scheduler
Author unclejung
I have been downloading and testing back up schedulers and so far I
haven't found what I am looking for. Perhaps you could help.

I am looking for a program that runs on Win2K with a "smart" rotation
scheme. I would like to keep:
- 1 file for every day of the current week
- 1 file for every week of the current month
- 1 file for every month of the current year

All of the programs I have looked at so far were written to keep x
numbers of back up files. The exception was the excellent
gbakscheduler which was release about 7 years ago and doesn't handle
compressing files larger than 2GB. I am still using it, but not being
able to compress large files means very high storage space
requirement. I could transfer everything to tape immediately, but I
still like to keep some copies on disk for ease of access.

Failing that, I would look for a back up program that has a basic n
copy rotation scheme. But so far I haven't seen one that I like.

FIBS looks good but it write the whole gbak command line including the
password in the log file accessible to any user of that machine.

Fibackup installed but didn't run. The Readme file has link to a
support forum that turned out to be a wrong (?) web site that sells
used text book.

TimeToBackUp never replied to my inquiry posted on their forum. As a
matter of fact their forum is not active. The last post was by me many
months ago.

Before I sit down and write yet another back up scheduler, do you have
any suggestion of one that you like to use? I know I can schedule
these back up tasks in Win2K, but I would like to know when things go
wrong via email, and I don't want to leave the database password
exposed in gbak.