Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird on debian SQLCODE = -902 as normal user
Author Fulvio Senore
Helen Borrie ha scritto:
>> I've no more idea what to do...
> I think you need to communicate with the packager. And, when you do, you might like to suggest that he contacts me about getting a platform page for Debian and Ubuntu under way in our website.
> You might like also to look at the Documentation Index at our website. There are a couple of papers there on Ubuntu installs, which should be applicable, at least in part, to Debian...
> At least one of the core developers (who are "resident" in firebird-devel) is using Ubuntu.
I have some (little) experience with Ubuntu: maybe the packages are the
It looks like Andi is using the old firebird2 package who is well known
for having problems. It never worked for me.
In Ubuntu 7.10 there are 2 other packages available, one for 1.5 and one
for 2.0. I tested the 2.0 version and it worked like a charm: it even
opened a window and asked me for the SYSDBA password during installation.
Maybe those packages are available also for Etch.

Fulvio Senore