Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird on debian SQLCODE = -902 as normal user
Author Andi Voss
Helen Borrie wrote:
> You haven't mentioned what you are using as your security login to the
> *database*. Does user ANDI exist in security2.fdb?
> ./heLen


no the user ANDI didn't exist in the security.fdb.
There is only a security.fdb no security2.fdb, but in debian is firebird
= 1.0x and firebird2 = 1.5x and firebird2.0 = 2.0

So I've installed:
mrburns:/var/log# aptitude show firebird2-classic-server
Paket: firebird2-classic-server
Zustand: Installiert
Automatisch installiert: nein

I added the user ANDI to the security.fdb with the same password than
SYSDBA, but the problem still occurs.
(I copied the security.fdb to a local computer where ibexpert is
installed and added through ibexpert and replaced the old security.fdb
with the new one.

But I had never to do this.

The curious is, that I have no possibility to type the username and
password. In my other installations I start isql, then CONNECT
'database.gdb' and then USER 'SYSDBA' PASSWORD 'xxx', but here I can't
write the USER and the PASSWORD. isql tries immediately to connect:
andi@mrburns:~$ isql-fb
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database
SQL> CONNECT 'database.gdb';
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902

operating system directive open failed
-Permission denied

I also set the ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD as environment variable, but
the problem is still there.