Subject Re: [firebird-support] Acces Denied....
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:30 AM 20/11/2007, you wrote:
>I install Firebird 2.0 and Flamerobin from Synaptic, all good. But I never receipt any ask for setup the User and password for the server.
>So when I try to perform (in Flamerobin) a simple Server retrieve verion I receipt:
>None of the credentials of the databases could be used.
>You need to supply a valid username and password.
>I setup both for default (SYSDBA and masterkey)

First, 'masterkey' is not a 'default'. It is the initial SYSDBA password that is set up on WINDOWS installations. On standard POSIX installations, the initial password is generated during the install. After the install is complete, the password can be found in a text file named SYSDBA.password that is written into Firebird's root directory. However, what happens on Ubuntu is anyone's guess, since the Debian installations follow different rules...

>and receipt this:
>[CODE] *** IBPP::SQLException ***
>Context: Service::Connect
>Message: isc_service_attach failed
>SQL Message : -902
>Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes
>successful execution of subsequent statements
>Engine Code : 335544721
>Engine Message :
>Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".
>Failed to establish a connection.[/CODE]

The server did not accept your login credentials, i.e., you registered the server or the database with the wrong SYSDBA password, but these subsequent errors seem to be protocol errors. Attach your Linux username to the firebird group and try to ping localhost. On most Linuxen I have encountered, you need to add the localhost address to the hosts file manually.

>That is in my PC Desktop in my laptop (both have the same config: Ubuntu Gutsy and....) I receipt a message like:
>You dont have permission in file blah blah
>Access denied

That error is coming from the operating system and it shows that the firebird user doesn't have permissions for the database file, thus preventing the *server* from opening it. Make sure that the owner of the database file is at least in the firebird group and that the firebird group has rwx permissions on the directory and rw permissions on the file.

>So I change the permission for the .FDB file, but dont fix the trouble.

This is too vague....but understand that, when connecting through a network protocol, it is the user firebird that needs the file and directory permissions. (If you are using Classic with the embedded client,, then it is the operating system user that needs the permissions.)

>Thats error show me in both instalation: from Synaptic and compile from sources.
>Any idea??

It's not so easy to troubleshoot installation-based problems with the Debian builds because the packager doesn't communicate with the Firebird project very much. It would be nice if he did....for years I have been asking for the packagers of these "left-field" packages to provide information for dedicated distro pages at the Firebird website, but there's apparently no interest...

If you can't get a solution here, maybe there is a specialised Debian or Ubuntu forum where you could ask.