Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Last gentoo ebuild: start not really normal and can't find
Author Matthias Hanft
skoczian wrote:
> True (what about OpenOffice, though?). But I still find some files
> in /opt/firebird: isc_event1.Elend, isc_guard1.Elend,
> isc_init1.Elend, isc_lock1.Elend. Only the last one has a size of
> more than 0 bytes and the date of the update.

I guess "Elend" is your computer's name - I have those files, too
(of course, with my own computer name). Seems to be just outdated
lock files - I will just delete them after some weeks... didn't
make myself too many thoughts about this.

> And I'm beginning to think that there may be something wrong with
> the installation: isql complains about a
> missing "/usr/firebird.msg", quite rightly,
> it's "/usr/share/firebird.msg". Will look at the Environment
> variables. I suppose that's more a theme for the gentoo forum? And
> the missing is certainly wrong.

No isql error here. Works fine.

changeDBAPassword seems to have disappeared indeed while moving
the FB files from /opt to /usr. But as far as I remember, it
didn't work correctly before either :-)

Anyway, I'm using for such things as
user and/or access rights configuration.