Subject Last gentoo ebuild: start not really normal and can't find
Author skoczian
This ebuild, dev-db/firebird- was installed
yesterday. It changed the installation directory: instead of
everything in /opt/firebird, the binaries are in /usr/bin, core,
udfs etc. in /usr/share/firebird. Why this?

And some problems either didn't change or may even be new:

- Most disagreeable: Firebird is installed with the SYSDBA
password "masterkey" - no file SYSDBA.password. And I cannot find
the changeDBAPassword script anywhere on my hard disk. Should I file
a bug with Gentoo? In the gentoo forums I didn't find anything about

- I want to start and stop firebird (SuperServer) manually, it
doesn't have to run all the time. In the Firebird book I find the
./fbmgr.bin -start -forever
Why not /etc/bin/firebird start? What's the difference?
With both start commands I get the error message described in - but the server starts,
even if it takes pretty long.

Thank you for any help!