Subject Re: [firebird-support] Network Connection Failing
Author John vd Waeter
peterchubby wrote:
> A customer set up a system; the server and 4 of 5 clients work fine,
> the fifth one has a quirky problem. When a connection attempt is made
> (using the database owner name and password) the system throws the
> message `Cannot Open File "". The System Cannot Find Path Specified'.
> Has anyone come across this issue before?

Yes, similar I guess. And no solution except for resetting the FB 1.5
server (on linux).
Unfortunately it is a remote server I have no access to. I only can make
a telephone call with 'my customers are complaining, please reset the
server'. Within 5 minutes the beast is online again and keeps working
for weeks without problems.

This FB-server serves both connections (on port 3050) and
localhost-connections from a Apache/PHP that runs on the same machine.

For PHP it is a connection to Localhost. Windows clients connect using
the hostname/port/databasepath. PHP and remote clients use different
databases. When one (the windows clients) reports problems, the other
(the PHP clients) have problems as well and vice versa.

Both the remote clients (Windows, Delphi7, IbObjects ) and the PHP-users
get the same errormessage:

Msg: Unable to complete network request to host "localhost". Failed to
establish a connection. No such file or directory

Remote users of course do not have "localhost" in the message. They have
the hostname, allthough that is AFAICR, I have no logfile at hand.

Because it happens to both PHP-connections and windows/IBObjects
connections at the same time, we ruled out that it has something to do
with IBObjects or PHP and that it probably is a problem in the
linux-machine and/or the FBServer.

The database is there, why would it report that the file cannot be
found? No aliases are used for the databasenames, local filepaths are
specified in the connectionstrings. And these connectionstrings are
correct. They cannot be altered (hardcoded) and work for weeks.

We kinda got used to ask for a reset now and then. But if this is a
known issue we're very interested....

kind regards,