Subject Re: [firebird-support] Network Connection Failing
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:19 PM 16/11/2007, you wrote:
>A customer set up a system; the server and 4 of 5 clients work fine,
>the fifth one has a quirky problem. When a connection attempt is made
>(using the database owner name and password) the system throws the
>message `Cannot Open File "". The System Cannot Find Path Specified'.

It's not complaining about the login credentials but the connection path. So what is it?

Are you using aliases or a path hard-coded in the app? If the latter, where is the app reading the path from - the IB_Connection Path property? or some DB Params lurking in the IB_Connection? Or what?

And what is the connection protocol?

>I used IB_monitor to log activity and can confirm this client is
>connecting to both the security and our database OK as a standard
>registered user. However, when it tries to connect to the database
>using the database owner name and password the above error occurs and
>it seems to go off the radar i.e. IB_Monitor reports nothing and
>although the connect is within a try except, code within the except
>code never runs. Nor does it reach code after the try except. (This
>being in the Datamodule create seems to imply the Datamodule was not
>created; but tests for the Datamodulue's existence are positive.)
>Their network administrator told me that if they set up new user

What kind of "user profiles"? What Firebird cares about is Firebird users it knows about. Does the user you describe as "database owner" actually own any of the objects inside the database?

>then it will run at least once for each profile and then
>displays the problem on subsequent runs - if that sheds any light to
>those of you with more knowledge.

Hmm, it might be describing an initial connection as SYSDBA and subsequent connections by users that have no permissions to database objects. Are you saying that they all get the empty database path problem?

>I am using D7 with IBO4 and Fb1.5, the problem client is an XP
>wireless laptop connecting to SBS.
>Has anyone come across this issue before?

Well, except for the "path specified" not being found, it all sounds like an SQL permissions problem...