Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak and firebird.msg
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:23 AM 15/11/2007, falko wrote:
>i'm nearly desperate.
>i hope one of you can help me.
>my problem with FB 1.5.4:
>I'm starting gbak.exe on my client from a server-directory.
>firebird.msg and fbclient.dll is also in that directory.
>the client has no firebird installed.
>when runnig gbak it fails because it cannot find the firebird.msg file.
>so: where the hell is gbak looking for the firebird.msg
>do i have the firebird.msg on my client? in which directory?
>any help appreciated

First, these two sentences appear to conflict with each other:
"I'm starting gbak.exe on my client from a server-directory."
"the client has no firebird installed."

So let's sort that out. What is "a server-directory"?

Next, what command are you submitting from the client?

Next, explain in detail what you mean by "when running gbak it fails.."
Is the one about not finding the msg file the only one you receive?

I suspect you are trying to access the Firebird server program through a network mapping (which won't work -- BY DESIGN) and the client library can't find the server destination (where it would also find the msg file to tell you so)....hence the classical "revolving door".