Subject Re: gbak and firebird.msg
Author Falko
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 01:23 AM 15/11/2007, falko wrote:
> >Hi,
> >i'm nearly desperate.
> >i hope one of you can help me.
> >my problem with FB 1.5.4:
> >I'm starting gbak.exe on my client from a server-directory.
> >firebird.msg and fbclient.dll is also in that directory.
> >the client has no firebird installed.
> >
> >when runnig gbak it fails because it cannot find the firebird.msg file.
> >
> >so: where the hell is gbak looking for the firebird.msg
> >do i have the firebird.msg on my client? in which directory?
> >
> >any help appreciated
> First, these two sentences appear to conflict with each other:
> "I'm starting gbak.exe on my client from a server-directory."
> "the client has no firebird installed."
> So let's sort that out. What is "a server-directory"?
> Next, what command are you submitting from the client?
> Next, explain in detail what you mean by "when running gbak it fails.."
> Is the one about not finding the msg file the only one you receive?
> I suspect you are trying to access the Firebird server program
through a network mapping (which won't work -- BY DESIGN) and the
client library can't find the server destination (where it would also
find the msg file to tell you so)....hence the classical "revolving door".
> ./heLen

hi helen,
1) server directory means: a directory on the server machine where
firebird is installed.

2) command submited via cmd-command from uor application:
\\servername\...\prog\gbak.exe -b -user SYSDBA -pas xxx -V -y

3) after running the command there is a backup file but the gbak
error-log has lots of lines saying:
can't format message 12:169 -- message file
\\servername\...\prog\firebird.msg not found can't format message
12:166 -- message file \\servername\...\prog\firebird.msg not found

3) in \prog directory there is fbclient.dll and firebird.msg

4) no accessing through network mapping

what i found out:
a) everything works fine when i do the gbak from a client which has FB
b) if i rename the firebird registry-key on that client the
gbak-error-log is full of mesages mentioned above ?!?!?!

so my conclusion is:
gbak looks for the firebird registry key to get the location of the
==> every client must have firebird installed to locate the
firebird.msg even if all databases are located on the database-server
-> but that is not what i think of a client/server application

is there another solution to this which has no need of any firebird
stuff installed on the client?

by the way: because of all the trouble with gbak i thought about using
the firebird services api for backup/restore.
what are the disadvantages of using services api instead of gbak.exe?
what delphi-components do you recommend? iboadmin-components?

many thanks