Subject internal gds software consistency check problem
Author martinthrelly
hello there

we am running firebird v2.0.3 superserver on a windows Small Business
Server box. cpuAffinity is set to 1 (this is a single processor
server), and we use aliases.

we had a problem with the database file locking. i checked in the log
file and saw this entry:

Database: TTT_LIVE
I/O error for file "C:\TTT - DATA\TTT.FDB"
Error while trying to write to file
Access is denied.
internal gds software consistency check (can't find shared latch
(300), file: cch.cpp line: 3653)

i was able to replicate this problem and i think i know why it is

if i try to copy and paste the server .FDB file from a client machine
on the domain. then whilst the file is copying, if i try to use our
resident software then it it getting locked out. our resident software
is connecting to Firebird using VB6 code and a Firebird ADO Driver .
so i have a few questions.

is this problem related to the VB/ADO Driver/connection string? or is
this expected behaviour?

if this is expected behaviour then i am worried will it keep locking
the DB every time e.g. a virus scan software scans the .FDB? what
happens when we want to make a copy of the DB?

OK. just to finish off. i am part of the new .NET development team and
i am not too good with VB6 code, so it could be that this isnt a
Firebird issue but is somehow related to the VB6 code that our
programmer is using to connect to Firebird?

any help much appreciated as i need to avoid the locking.