Subject RE: [firebird-support] Does GBAK use temp folder?
Author Bob Murdoch
As a follow up -

I removed the multiple backup files from the script, and left myself
logged in overnight. When I checked this morning, I find a prompt:

Done with volume #1, "E:\DB\Database.gdb.bak"
Press return to reopen that file, or type a new
name followed by return open a different file.

Looking at the E: drive, I see that both Explorer and the Disk
Management utility tell me that I have 163GB free. The size of the
backup file at this point is only 35.6GB. I have also made sure that
there were no disk quotas set on this volume (there weren't).

As a last resort, I gave the prompt the name of a new backup file
"E:\DB\2Database.gdb.bak". It seems that gbak is now backing up to
that file (356MB as I write this), so it does not appear to be a
problem with free space on the drive.

Is there a limitation to the size of a backup file that can be created
with gbak?


Bob M..

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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Does GBAK use temp folder?


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>> gbak: ERROR: free disk space exhausted
>> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
>This error indicates that the target/destination folder/device does
>have enough free disk space for the backup.

I figured that! <G> What I can't figure out is why - the destination
folder has more than twice the free space as the DB size.

>>Why are you creating multiple/separate backup files?

As I said, this was just a hold over from years ago, and hasn't been
an issue. I'll remove the extra files and see if that works tonight.

Bob M..


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