Subject Randall Sell's connection problem, was Re: [] a proper New Group?
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:22 AM 7/11/2007, you wrote:
>I have a question about creating other DB users (using FB SuperServer 2.0.3)
>I've created a very basic DB, it has only 2 table, no views or triggers, etc. I can work with the DB fine as sysdba. I then went and created a user "x" with pw "x" and tried to login (Using EMS SQL MNager 2005). The "test connection" button says it is OK, but when I try and actually login I get an error. something about "DB shutdown" or "Operation Aborted"

Those are not Firebird errors. Either the client you are using has some kind of interpretation layer for exceptions or you are misreporting the error text. If you get a 9-digit error code with an error message then it should be a Firebird error.

Also, if the client has "2005" in its title it's quite possibly well out of date for use with Fb 2.0.3. Try using isql or an updated version of the client.

>but I don't understand what other permissisions I need to grant. I've done a "grant all" for my 2 tables.

What you *seem* to be experiencing is a problem with access to the server rather than privileges for the database objects. If the client program is really interpreting the exception as "DB Shutdown" that seems to mean the client couldn't get the server to respond. It might mean the server wasn't actually running...."Operation aborted" might be anything, possibly some generic message the application delivers when it can't work out what's going on.

>what am I missing?

Is there anything in firebird.log?

You haven't said what platform the server is [meant to be] running on. With SS that matters: you can't use a connection string without the hostname if your SS is on a POSIX platform.

If it's on Win2003 or Vista a non-network connection path won't work either, since your client would be running in a remote desktop shell.

Have you looked at the Quick Start Guide in the /doc/ directory?