Subject Re: nbackup Problems
Author heilsteffen

> > > The nbackup tool directly opens database file, which means
> > > you can't specify server name nor database alias.
> >
> > First, the manual says something different:
> >
> > "Instead of a database filename you may also specify an alias."
> >
> > backups-full, Section "Full Backup", second comment
> Sorry, I was wrong, bad memory ...
> But this time I am sure I know the reason -
> in firebird.conf you must have:
> DatabaseAccess = None
> Try Full or Restrict instead.

You are right.
This even makes your first statement somewhat right:
Don't use aliases.

However I think this IS a bug in nbackup:
It CAN attach to the database. (Using the alias. And I think, it did.
Just to get the real database filenme.)
It CAN access the file (running as root and having the correct
BUT it seems to reattch to the database using the full filename
instead of the alias used earlier.

This makes no sense to me.

Anyway, I can live with that for now (using Restrict).

Thanks and best regards,