Subject Possible cause for DB corruption?
Author Björn Latte
We experienced several DB corruptions at customer sites in the last few weeks that puzzle us.

The corruptions happen with at FB 1.5.3 SuperServer on Windows 2003 Enterprise (with SP2 and all current MS Updates). The DB file is stored on SAN (HP HSV210 Multi-Path) attached with Fibre Channel HBAs. The DB has forced writes enabled.

The firebird.log shows:

internal gds software consistency check (error during savepoint backout (290))

before the DB craps. This message is also displayed on one of the attached client connections at the time it is generated.

A subsequent gbak run on this DB terminates with:

"database file appears corrupt ()
-bad checksum
-checksum error on database page 4149836"

This DB has been running fine for a while now before showing this strange behavior. Even stranger was that after starting with new DB file created on that system we run into the same error within a week, down to days, from using the new DB file.

On top of that we do not use SQL save points in any of your DML which lead to the questions:

- why do we get this message not using save points ?
- what might be a possible cause of this message ?
- where do we most likely have to look to fix/prevent this ?

Pointers on this would be truly appreciated.

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