Subject Re: [firebird-support] Do I need the Guardian for SuperServer?
Author Stefan Heymann

thanks for your answer.

> If you're running Firebird SS as a service,

yes, that's what my question was/is about, effectively.

> it's up to you whether you use Guardian or configure the service to
> restart (Recovery tab in the service's property sheet). [...]

>>and what is it good for anyway?

> Restarting Firebird if it gets stopped abnormally for some reason.

So that means: not using the Guardian and setting the service
properties to restart the Firebird service whenever it stops results
in the same thing?

Wouldn't it then be better to have an option in the installer that
does this rather than installing two services where only one would be
(This is not a feature request, it is a question for my understanding
so I can eventually post a feature request)

Best Regards