Subject Re: [firebird-support] Performance problem
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Richard Wesley wrote:
> Alexandre -
> Thanks for the response.
> On 31 Oct 2007, at 11:26, Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
>> I don't expect this indices be of any help here, since all data
>> must be
>> read (no WHERE clause) is usually faster to read it all in storage
>> order
>> and sort them in memory.
> Since there are only about 350 or so result rows, this seems reasonable.

I don't get you here...

Teh indices would be usefull if those would be used to filter out data,
the size of the result set has nothing to do with the indices being good
or not in this case, the size of the result set is processed in RAM (or
swap out to disk).

>>> The table has 10,886,400 rows. The dates are all month precision;
>>> lat/long are on a 2 degree grid and the Anomaly values range from
>>> -11.7 to 14.09.
>>> Any ideas on why this is 50x slower? It is just numbers!
>> Nope, but If I could think in something to try to increase the
>> performance, I would increase the sort memory space on firebird.conf,
> The number of result rows is relatively small and I would expect that
> computing averages over such a small set would be IO bound (memory
> should just be the grouping values, a sum and a count.) Or is there
> something else going on here that more memory would help?

The same as above, to give you that small dataset (350 rows) all the 10
milion rows should be read and sorted and grouped in memory (or swaped
out to disk if that does not fill) that is was I suggested you to try to
increase the sort memory space

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