Subject Performance problem
Author Dirk Schleicher
Hello there

I have a performance problem with 1.5.
I running a program how is using firebird on a core duo cpu
with XP Pro, SP2 and 1GB ram.
The DB is about 15mb. Since yesterday I have the problem that it need a
lot of time to get the data. Up to 20sec.
I change nothing. I disable all firewall and virus scanner. Nothing
When the program load the date there is nearly no CPU usage. Firebird
need about 5mb ram in Taskmanager.

Is there a tool available where I can see the performance ore access
time to the DB. How can I figure out is is the database or an other
I found a note that core duo make this kind of problem. But the DB is
only 15mb and there is no load of 100% of one of this 2 cores.
And before yesterday it work pretty.

I am happy to get some help.