Subject using FB2.0 new character sets / collations in FB 1.5.x or even Interbase 6.0.x
Author vincent_kwinsey

as stated in release guide - then support for many new charsets and
collations are added in FB 2.0 - as I unserstand - this is done by
adding more data into fbintl.dll.

Can I try to use fbintl.dll from FB 2.0 for FB 1.5 server or even
Interbase 6.0. And if so - how the installation should be. As I can
imagine - then one should put dll into intl directory of server
installation and add more data into rdb$character_sets,
rdb$collations. But how this should be done? Can I add definitions
simply by executing SQL (is any script available for this?)

I think - that installtion of fbintl.dll is something like
installations of udf libraries, isn't it?

Regarding using fbintl.dll on IB - there can be some disagreement -
because gdsintl is exporting LD_charset, but fbintl LD_charset_
{...,...} - so - seems that it is impossible to use fbintl for IB.
Is any action going on to add some interface to fbintl for use in

Thanks for any insight and suggestions in advance!