Subject Can´t connect to Solaris 10 server using BDE or ODBC
Author marcelob13
Hi there,
My name is Marcelo. I´m facing a weird situation involving the
following elements:

Firebird Classic Server v 1.5.3 on a Solaris 10 OS
Clients: Win XP machines running propietary software that connects
via BDE or ODBC.

When I try to connect to this server from win XP clients running a
propitary application that uses BDE drivers to connect to the db I
get the following error:

General SQL error.
Unable to complete network request to host "solaris-server".
Error writing data to the connection.
unknown Win32 error 10053

Also when I try to connect vi ODBC, the situation is the same.
But the most extrange thing from my point of view is that if I use a
JDBC driver (Jaybird) in a little java app. I´ve made just for
testing, I get the connection to the db perfectly !

With this in mind, I assume no connectivity problem nor server
issues, so I´m thinking about a BDE or ODBC compatiblity problem.

I was looking through several forums and I found nothing useful so

Thanks in advance with any help.
Best Regards,