Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird dying, Guardian restarting, all clients no longer connect
Author Ann W. Harrison
tweekasa wrote:
> Need some help with a problem I'm having:
> Firebird running on Windows Server 2003 SE, SP 1.
> Firebird log for a problem:
> FONTERA02 (Client) Tue Sep 26 10:30:14 2006
> C:\Program Files\Firebird-\bin\fbserver.exe:
> terminated abnormally (4294967295)

Your client connections are getting errors because the server is
crashing. That may be caused by faulty UDF's - they're run by
the server process and if they're not thread-safe, etc. they can
cause the server to crash. Or, you may have found a bug. As
someone suggested, running Classic can help because only the
client that encountered the problem will fail, and then you have
some idea what was happening when the crash occurred. Failing
that, run a debugging server and get a crash dump.

Good luck,