Subject Depends on DB size, Connection becomes slow immediately.
Author KIMURA, Meiji
Hi All,

I am testing FirebirdSS as server under Linux(x86_64)environment.
Depends on DB size, Connection takes a lot of time.

In case of 2GB, connection is instantaneous. But it takes 4 or 5 minutes in
case of 10GB.

It seems that connection cause access to whole DB file in worst case.
What's happening ?

My environment in detail as below,

[Server side]
Linux: FedoraCore4(x86_64)
Firebird: FirebirdSS-
CPU:Celeron(R) D Processor 336 (2.80GHz, 256KB L2 Cache, EM64T, 533MHz FSB)
Memory: 512MB

[Client side]
OS: Windows2000SP4、or WindowsXP SP2
Middleware: BCB5+BDE
CPU: Xeon3.6GHz
Memory: 4GB

KIMURA, Meiji(FAMILY, Given)