Subject Help a geezer?
Author jeff_xky
Howdy, FB folks,

I'm new to FB and have been tasked with creating a departmental
database for a medium sized non-profit hospital department. I'm a
therapist, although I do have an MIS background from the 1980s (dbase
and IBM mainframe stuff), so that's why I'm tagged. Being a
departmental issue, MIS is totally hands-off. I have played with MySQL
and don't feel too scared of tackling this project.

The data are:

Unit: the floor where procedure was performed
Procedure: What procedure was performed
Date: When the therapist did it.
Shift: Day,Evening, or Night.
Scheduled: Did you know about it ahead of time or was it a STAT
Total: How many of these suckers did you do

As I see it, each record is unique. So I'm struggling with a logical
Pseudocode follows:

CREATE TABLE unit_record (
unit Varchar (15) // the floor
uprod Varchar (15) // the procedure
total Varchar (4) // how many
udate Date // When was it done (time is not an issue, shift is)
ushift Varchar (1) // what shift
usched Varchar (1) // STAT or not?

I've already set up tables for procedures and units. I've not done any
indexes, or anything advanced. I can modify the units and the
procedures with my rudinmentary front end (RealBASIC via ODBC if it

I'd appreciate any guidance for an old geezer :)