Subject Re: Help with timing queries
Author Adam
--- In, "Bill Oliver"
<bill.oliver@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to time some queries for performance testing. I know I
> can do this in ISQL by using the SET STATS ON ; command. But, my co-
> worker has provided some queries that display a large result set. Is
> there some way to turn off display of the result set to the console?
> I'm not really interested in timing how fast my console can print the
> records. :)

In order to get the fetch stats, you have to fetch the records, so it
is a bit of a nonsense to consider the fetch statistics of a query
without retrieving the data. Of course we are often interested in the
execution time rather than the fetch time when checking plans, so I
use FIRST 1 (which doesn't tend to modify the plan) until I am
satisfied, then check it again without the FIRST 1 constraint.

Perhaps you could rather send the output to a file than the screen?

try iSQL -o

or piping the output to a file through your OS provided mechanism.