Subject RE: [firebird-support] Help with timing queries
Author Leyne, Sean

> I would like to time some queries for performance testing. I know I
> can do this in ISQL by using the SET STATS ON ; command. But, my co-
> worker has provided some queries that display a large result set. Is
> there some way to turn off display of the result set to the console?
> I'm not really interested in timing how fast my console can print the
> records. :)
> Perhaps there is a better technique that readers can provide? For some
> of the queries I can limit the rows returned by using ROWS 1, but this
> isn't always helpful. True, too, that a real world application would
> attempt to limit the number of rows returned to only those that are
> useful.

I use the new v2.0 abstract table functionality:


{SELECT Statement to be profiled}