Subject Re: Savepoints with IBX and Delphi 5
Author Adam
--- In, "Gustavo" <gusm@...> wrote:
> You are right. That was the first thing I tried and it didn't work.
So I was trying to use isc_start_savepoint, etc., but when I call
GetProcAddress with 'isc_start_savepoint', I got an error. Apparently
the fbclient.dll (renamed gds32.dll) doesn't have this function (and
the others to work with savepoints). But, after that I found that I
was calling "SAVEPOINT BLAH" with the right Transaction but with the
wrong DataBase. I fixed this and now everything works OK.
> Another question. Do I have to call RELEASE SAVEPOINT BLAH, or when
I rollback or commit the Transaction, every savepoints are
automatically released?

You should release the savepoint once you are past the stage in your
transaction where you no longer need to rollback to it, but ending the
transaction through a commit or rollback implicitly cleans it up.