Subject RE: [firebird-support] SQL Profiler for Firebird
Author Martin Dew
Thanks for the suggestion, however I think UIB is only useful for
running at the client side, you start the application through it then it
can track it.

I need something that sits on the server and can see all the work the
server is doing, what queries are being run through it etc.

Thanks again.


On 8/23/06, Martin Dew <martin.dew@...
<> > wrote:
> Does anyone know of a free util where I can trap all the sql
> against a server ? I would like to monitor what exactly is coming into
> the firebird 1.5.2 server when it hits high cpu loads (something like
> SQL Profiler in MSSQL).


This tool show in real time queries used by an application connected
to Interbase or Firebird.
It is also possible to view and sort query's performances.
This SQL monitor usually don't need you modify your application if it
use an Interbase or Firebird library (gds32.dll, fbclient.dll or
It also works with applications.

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