Subject Re: [firebird-support] Repost: IBSQLMonitor with FireBird RC4
Author Randall Sell
Oops, option #3 was the culprite...

3. Don't forget to set on the TraceFlags property of your database
component, otherwise the monitor will be inactive.

Thanx for the help.

ps- love your book. Is my new bible!

--- Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:

> At 01:13 PM 22/08/2006, you wrote:
> >My apologise if this is delivered twice, it was unclear if the first
> >attempt went thru ok. Below
> >is my original post...
> It came through and has even been answered.
> >I am trying to get the IBX SQL Monitor working, although I've never
> >used it before. I am guessing
> >one of two things is causing it to not work (OnSQL never fires)
> >1) I have changed my defualt port fro 3050 to 30503
> >2) I am using FireBird and hence GDS32.DLL rather then FBClient.DLL
> >since it is usng IBX
> >components.
> Well, the information here is ambiguous. Regarding 1), your database
> component needs to know the port, which it can do in one of a number
> of ways. You need to read up on this in the v.1.5.3 release notes if
> you're not clear about it.
> However, regarding 2), if you mean that you're using some gds32.dll
> from some Borland distribution as a substitute for fbclient.dll, then
> you *are* likely to bump into problems. If you mean that you used
> instclient.exe, or took the option during the Win Installer
> installation, to generate a Borland-compatible version of
> fbclient.dll, named gds32.dll and written to your system32 directory,
> then you won't encounter problems with a properly configured
> alternative port setup.
> >Does anyone know if what I am doing has now beocme "out of bounds"
> >in terms of IB/Firebird compatability?
> There is no theoretical reason why this should be the case, provided
> you are using the correct client library.
> >I should also mention that the FireBird server itself is on a
> >differnet PC and NOT my development PC.
> Fine, this *is* client/server software, after all.
> 1. Make sure you do have the right client library in system32. This
> will be easy to check by inspecting the property sheet of the
> gds32.dll library that your application is loading.
> 2. Use a proper way to configure or access the changed broadcast
> port. It would help heaps if you explained what you have already
> done in this respect.
> 3. Don't forget to set on the TraceFlags property of your database
> component, otherwise the monitor will be inactive.
> 4. And (probably silly) make sure you have set up something in your
> app to accept the output from the monitor, e.g. a TMemo.
> 5. Then, with all those things attended to, if the component still
> doesn't work then it is possible that you have discovered a way in
> which IBX and Firebird 2.0 are not compatible any more. When you're
> testing a beta version (as you are) it's going to be interesting to
> someone if that's what it turns out to be.
> ./heLen

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