Subject Re: IBSQLMonitor with FireBird RC4
Author Adam
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<randallsell@...> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to get the IBX SQL Monitor working, although I've never
> used it before. I am guessing one of two things is causing it to not
> work (OnSQL never fires)
> 1) I have changed my defualt port fro 3050 to 30503
> 2) I am using FireBird and hence GDS32.DLL rather then FBClient.DLL
> since it is usng IBX components.
> Does anyone know if what I am doing has now beocme "out of bounds" in
> terms of IB/Firebird compatability? I should also mention that the
> FireBird server itself is on a differnet PC and NOT my development PC.

IBX is a set of Interbase Components for Delphi.

I believe the monitoring components were developed after the IB 6 Open
Source venture where Firebird began, so it is not a feature currently
supported by Firebird. Backing this theory up is the fact that such
functionality appears in the 2006 Firebird Roadmap as Medium priority
in Design Phase.

Also, just so you know be very careful of the trace flags in IBX. They
force your application to process its message queue between each step.
It took me about 2 days to figure out why my secondary thread in a
multi-threaded application 'froze' (ie stopped getting data) when I
slept the main thread.