Subject Re: multiple databases on one server
Author Adam
--- In, "Bertin Kiekebosch"
<bertink@...> wrote:
> I always had only one database (*.gdb file) on my server with many
> clients using is daily.

You should not use a gdb extension due to a known compatibility issue
with Windows System Restore.

> Now I want to add an additional database
> (another *.gdb or *.fdb) on this server. Can I do this by just adding
> a new file on this server or does it need more.

Yes, that is all you need to do. In the connection string, you are
already supplying the alias (preferably) or the path and filename of
the database you want to connect to.

Providing your database server has the resource capacity to handle the
load generated by having both databases, it is OK. We have at least
one server running at least 35 databases using the classic engine.
When you start getting to those sorts of numbers, you need to consider
the process size limitations of a 32 bit OS / FB Superserver Build
combination, as the combined caches and connections can easily cause
it to exceed 2GB where you will get problems.

Also consider that if for some reason one of the databases gets
corrupted, the engine will restart. If you are using SuperServer, this
will kill all active connections to all databases. If you are using
Classic Server, then it will only kill the connection that discovered
the corruption.