Subject Re: Face Firebird 1.5.3 performance problem with Intel Core 2 + Windows 2003
Author flipmooooo
> Now I'm trying to to find that message with description. In a
> meantime you can check whether this is really your problem by lookind
> at average size of IO queue depth in Windows performance counters.


I finally solved the problem. After reading Chau Chee Yang message
about the Domain Controller issue on Win2003. I googled it
and 'TcpAckFrequency' came up. I added the new value 'TcpAckFrequency'
to the registry and have set it to 1. After reboot our Win2003 2.4 Ghz
machine finally outperforms my slow Win2000 900 Mhz.

Filip Moons


terfaces\<Interface GUID>
Entry: TcpAckFrequency
Value Type: REG_DWORD, number
Valid Range: 0-255
Default: 2